You know who’s awesome? This man. You know how I can say that and know it to be true? Because I personally met him over the weekend. You know who deserves to be respected by this fandom whether you love the character he plays or not? This guy.

You know what people shouldn’t be doing?

Trash talking him because he loves his character and defends him publicly. They shouldn’t be using the color of his skin to hate his character either. And they shouldn’t be negating everything he has said about his character.

No one knows the character of Grant Ward better than the person who created him and the man who plays him. And sometimes, the actor who plays him might actually know the character more intimately than the writer. Especially if the writer has a whole lot of other characters they write for.

No one spends more time thinking about Grant Ward than Brett Dalton. No one spends more time contemplating all the things that Ward did in season 1 than Brett.

So if Brett tells you that Ward is not a villain (he calls him an anti-hero), that Ward is not a Nazi and that Ward did not shoot his dog… Then you all should and do need to listen to him.

I don’t care if you’ve watched the episodes over and over again all summer and have written essays about your interpretation of what occurred on screen. The only thing that matters is canon. And the only people that can give it to you straight are the people who wrote the canon and the man who plays within that canon.

That is the truth of the matter.

So keep using the same old argument about Ward being a Nazi. He’s not. Canon proves that he isn’t and Brett Dalton has gone on record to explain WHY he isn’t.

No one seems to think that Buddy’s fate is relevant anymore, but in case you still do, accept that Ward isn’t the one who shot him.

If you accept this and actually try to discuss Ward within these parameters, we can all get along.

No one is saying you have to LIKE Grant Ward. He betrayed the team on screen and he betrayed you as a loyal viewer. We get that.

But enough with the lame ass arguments that we’re just going to keep shooting down using canon. Aren’t you exhausted? It’s like we’re playing battleship and we’re sinking you every time.

We’d actually respect you more if you said what was really bothering you about Ward: that you believed in him and he failed you. At least then we can get to the root of the problem and have a real discussion about the character.

Until then…. Keep stewing in your hate that makes no sense whatsoever.

-signed, A WOC


Brett Dalton and Ming-Na Wen at Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party


Brett Dalton and Ming-Na Wen at Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party

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All our efforts, all our determination and endurance to shuffle though unwanted hate and harassment from anti-Ward protesters, the tear-jerking and mind exploding (but, above all, very impressive) meta, the gif sets and manips. All of us, the…


Brett Dalton at San Diego Comic-Con


Brett Dalton at San Diego Comic-Con

Brett Dalton #StandWithWard


It’s like a Christmas ;-)


Brett Dalton - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Comic Con 2014

He understands his character. That’s so important.

"Feelings happen to you whether you want it or not" - yeah. And he’s talking about feelings for the whole team. His feelings, various feelings for all the team members, are this thing that’s going to get him through this.