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Soo... if a character is wrong? In many, many ways, no one can go into the tag and say how that character is wrong and how the writer is wrong? People who go into tags and do that are merely stating an opinion and observation.


I’ll be honest with you, that post was directed at a very specific fandom and I expected it to get maybe 50 notes. It’s taken on a life of its own, much to my horror.

And I think you’re missing the point. The whole point of the post was that I couldn’t understand why people would waste their time spewing hate at the character—and more importantly, people who like that character—when they could spend their time celebrating the characters that they do like.

If a character is wrong, then yeah, sure, point it out. That’s called constructive criticism. And constructive criticism is “Joe did this wrong, and while I understand why he did it, he needs to be called out on it and suffer the consequences”. Constructive criticism is “Joan shouldn’t have acted like that, and while she is allowed to react however she wants, she needs to realize that she was in the wrong”. But don’t go into a characters tag and say “Joe is an awful horrible character who deserves to die” or “Joan is such a fucking idiot why would she do that she deserves whatever she gets”. 

And then, and then, don’t you dare go into the askboxes of the people who do like Joe or Joan and tell them that they are gross for liking that character. That they should die for liking that character. Because that makes you an awful human being who deserves no respect from myself or anyone else in that fandom.

If you don’t like a character that’s fine. You are entitled to your opinion. And you are, in fact, entitled to talk about it. But do it politely. Do it maturely. Do it without offending the people who do like the character. If you make a post, and want to tag the character, tag it using the “anti” tag. And of course, you can use the title of the piece of work they are from. But the people who go into the “Joe Smith” tag, are going there because they like that character, and seeing someone ranting about what a terrible person that character is, is not what they want to see.

Look, basically, you don’t have to like a character. No one is saying you do. But don’t go into the tags and yell about how much you dislike that character. Because you will not be received well, and don’t act surprised or like the victim when it happens.

And honestly, why spend your time—why waste it—on hating a character when you have characters you do like that you can talk about more, and can lift up and praise and just be so much happier.

There’s nothing appealing about spending your time in a slathering cloud of hate. How on earth could you enjoy life then?

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This how to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like the look of danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger
A player, singing I lo-lo-love you
At least I think I do
Well that didn't take long. See dammit-mcu blog. you pissed off the haters.






i moved this ask away from itmatterswhoiam because im serious about that being a negativity-free zone

but i think it bears addressing

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For the love of god, the level of delusion these people wade around in amazes me. My personal fave is how Ward fans have made the fandom unsafe. Like we tag troll starting fights.

I will tell you who makes the fandom unsafe:

  • people who spread hate under the guise of “acceptance” and “tolerance” and “equality” 
  • people who make posts about “some types of abuse victims” as if they are experts on what abuse victims should feel
  • people who refer to other people as “pieces of shit,” “disgusting,” “gross,” simply for liking a particular fictional character
  • people who attack others for sharing an opinion - not just people who have been in the fandom right along, but people who haven’t been through all the “Ward wars” and might only now be finding the fandom
  • people who call us racist and ignore the posts where we say “we would support this character’s story line NO MATTER WHAT, regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, age, color, race, religion, etc.” ("They SAY they would, but they really wouldn’t!")
  • people who ignore or twist CANON to “prove” themselves “right”
  • people who send anonymous hate (yeah, and this goes for everyone)

I feel unsafe in this fandom. I’m afraid to reblog anything without combing through a person’s blog to make sure they’re not going to attack me for reblogging from them (yes, I search for “grant ward,” “anti grant ward,” “anti sww,” “grant ward hate” on most blogs before I reblog). I’m afraid to make posts expressing my opinion a LOT of the time because I just don’t feel like being attacked; I will actually type out a reply even to a SWW post and then just hit Cancel because I figure what is even the point - I know I’m just going to get attacked by the other side or they’ll copy/paste it over to their blogs and rant about it? That’s not what fandom is about. 

I have made posts about Mike Peterson, Akela Amador, Raina, Melinda May, and other characters. I’ve made fan art of them. I’ve expressed my hopes and opinions about them. Not just now, not because they’ve made their all-inclusive “except for,” only-positive “except for” blog, but because I happen to LOVE the characters and the show, because maybe I interpret parts of the show differently - not as an abuse survivor, not as a woman, not as a white person - but as an individual. 

I post random, non-opinion, and “safe” things in the show tags. Anything about Ward, anything about my own personal opinions that I’m afraid they’re going to copy/paste and rant about on their hate blogs, I tag with my own tags - out of fear<—-pay attention!

They say that WE are abusers? I’M sorry - I do my best to NOT make people feel like shit. I do my best to respond to posts without resorting to name-calling and verbal abuse, to just have an adult DISCUSSION, yet I’ve been called some pretty horrendous things by some of the Ward haters.

It’s also interesting that they insist that we hate all these other characters simply because we support Grant Ward. They consistently ignore what we’re actually SAYING. If they reply to our posts, they ignore the points we’ve made and just spew hate directed at US rather than discussing what we’re actually saying.

Now I am receiving anon posts trying to make me feel like shit. Who DOES that? Hate groups. Well, guess what??? You don’t have to make me feel like shit; you don’t need to make me feel weak; you don’t need to tell me I’m not “special” because I was abused. My abuser has already done all of those things. 

My favorite was the one who made a post about “certain kinds of abuse survivors” who “use” their abuse for sympathy. Yeah, that’s when I realized what these people really were. They are a hate group. A group of people who practice hatred and hostility towards others based on a difference in opinion (belief) is a hate group. They can claim to be defending abuse victims from abusers, POC’s from racists, women from misogynists, but you know what? “Cool motive; still a hate group.”

They blatantly ignore what we post and put words in our mouths. They hide behind asinine “SJW” propaganda (“not all men,” etc.) in defense of the hate they spew at anyone who likes ONE FRIGGIN’ CHARACTER on the show.

Compassion is not a weakness. Hate is.

(edited to update some wording for clarification)

Signed. It’s not “Ward stans” who actively see out others to attack them.

I’m checking blogs before I click the follow button too, because it’s really upsetting me when I see some of the haters posts.


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anne weaver : "i'm worried there's a bad seed"

Mean Girls of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are … Sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be; who we should be.


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Regret & Loneliness





He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

Wow….perfect. The old paint…..

I haven’t seen this guys stuff for months but this still hits me as hard as ever

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”